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Bonding Moment Creators Pvt Ltd (BMCPL) helps enterprises towards building a better bond with its key stakeholders. Be it a Diwali party for its channel partners or employees, or a get-together of its high-value customers, BMCPL shall put in that extra effort to create bonding moments which people remember for life.

BMCPL believes that relationships extend beyond the monetary benefits. Customers, Employees and Channel Partners stay loyal to a company only if they bond with the company and if they feel valuable and respected. 

BMCPL believes in the 3 pillars of experiences, personalisation and innovation to help companies bond with their key stakeholder.

    1.  Experiences

We don't remember the money flowing in and out of our bank account for long. We dont remember much of the truckloads of documents we read daily. But we never forget a moment which touches our core. We never forget a moment when we feel someone cares for us

BMCPL creates experiences which connect and bond people. Be it a company off-site or a routine conference or seminar, we believe in creating touching moments which build long-term connect and rapport between the company and its stakeholders.

    2.  Personalisation

The ditigal age has empowered us to be able to deal with each individual separately and cater to his personal likes and dislikes.

BMCPL leverages technology and deep customer insights to be able to deliver special moments to each personal to make him feel special and valuable.

    3.  Innovation

If you follow what others are doing, you will be lost in the crowd and unable to differentiate your products and services.

At BMCPL, we think fresh, think different to build innovative products and services which help companies to stand apart and connect with their stakeholders.