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Indian weddings are BIG, Large, colorful and lavish and are special occasions awaited for years before they happen. Marriage is a major responsibility for Indian parents, planning for which starts right from the time the child is born.  The wedding is a Mega get-together of family, close and distant relatives, friends, neighbors and the community and is celebrated with great zest, fervor and enthusiasm. The quintessential Indian wedding starts with a bang and ends with a bang, presented with such distinctions, that they will remain unforgettable and remarkable. There is glamour, glitz, emotions and a lot more.

It is one special day in our lives which all of us dream of as being nothing less than just perfect. However, once we actually start planning the wedding we realize that all is not as cozy and exciting as it seemed. The first thing that automatically comes along with planning a wedding is a lot of stress. And while planning and organizing an event of such an importance we somehow miss enjoying the most awaited day of our lives.

Bonding Moment Creators Pvt Ltd (BMCPL) takes over your stress and the frantic pace of execution of the nitty-gritty of the wedding. BMCPL is your answer to a well-planned and smoothly executed wedding you enjoy like other guests. We ensure cost-effective service, accountability and, flexibility. Our team of expert help you organize your dream wedding within your budget by suggesting ways to maximize the bang for your buck.

When you hire us, be assured you are buying creativity, knowledge, guidance, quality service, professionalism, a stress reliever, personal assistant and a friend. We alleviate all stress from bride, groom and their families and allow them to relax and enjoy the festivities.